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Name:Kink Big Bang
Posting Access:All Members
Community description:kink big bang on dreamwidth

Welcome! This Big Bang is all about kink!

We are gearing up for Round 2. Info & FAQ.

The Round 2 timeline:

  • June 1 - 30: Writer signups.
  • July 1 - September 30: Writing period.
  • August 6-13: 1st check-in.
  • September 10-17: 2nd check-in. Authors submit story ads for accompanying media & beta signups.
  • September 18 - 30: Accompanying media & beta signups.
  • September 30: Rough drafts due.
  • October 1-31: Accompanying media creation & beta period.
  • October 22-29: 3rd check-in. This one is for all participants.
  • November 1: Final drafts and accompanying media due.
  • November 2-12: Possible accompanying media pinch hitting.
  • November 13-30: Posting!

Every kink is fair game, every fandom is fair game, and original fiction is welcome.

We hope you'll participate, either as a writer, artist, beta, cheerleader, or reader!

The posting period is far off, but writers, when you post, please use this header:

Subject Line:
"Title" (Fandom, Pairing(s))

Body of Post (above a cut tag):
Fandom: [completely spell out]
Contains: [List the important kinks/ingredients of the story. This is the informed consent line for the audience, so please let us know what we're getting into! If the story features non-con or dub-con, underage characters, character death, and/or explicit violence (sexual or otherwise), please include it in the ingredients list.]
[Any other header notes you'd like to include]

Banner art by [personal profile] ponderosa [gallery]. :D
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